SASSA Grant In Aid Criteria & Application Process

The Grant in Aid SASSA program is hands down one of the best and greatest initiatives taken by SASSA. Through this program, SASSA has taken a step to help the neediest of its beneficiaries receive more funds to support adequate sustenance. It is specifically for those people who can not support themselves at all and have no one to look after them either.

I will discuss everything about the Grant in Aid program of SASSA in the following article, but before we get started, let me give you a general overview of this program. It is a special program introduced by SASSA through which the neediest of SASS beneficiaries can receive further funds in addition to the grants they are already receiving. For further details, keep reading down below.

Grant In Aid SASSA

Explaining SASSA Grant In Aid (GIA)

The SASSA Grant in Aid is a very special program introduced by SASSA for the needy and desperate. These are those people who do not have any means to support themselves and are already receiving social grants from SASSA or any other organizations.

You might have already heard that SASSA does not approve any funds for someone who is already receiving funds, but the GIA program is different in this regard. It is specifically made to benefit those people who are too desolate and desperate for funds to fulfill the basic necessities of life.

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Eligibility Criteria For SASSA Grant In Aid (GIA)

The fact that SASSA allows funds to people who are already beneficiaries of other social grants through their GIA program does not mean this program surpasses the eligibility criteria as well. In fact, you will have to meet a few very strict eligibility criteria in order to receive the GIA funds. These criteria are as follows:

  1. You must already be a receiver of one of the top three grants of SASSA. These grants include the war veterans grant, disability grant, and the older persons grant.
  2. You must also fully fulfill the requirements of the grants mentioned in point # 1. For instance, if you have a disability and are already receiving a disability grant from SASSA, then your disability must be permanent and severe enough to keep you from earning a decent living for yourself.
  3. If you are seriously ill and unable to take proper care of yourself, then you must also have a proper, valid report from a qualified doctor or declare you unfit for work. The doctor could either be a private doctor or a state doctor. But his report must be valid and appropriate.
  4. You must not be receiving any kind of grant or funds from the state or state-operated institutions. Receiving or applying to receive funds from any government organization would deem you ineligible for the SASSA Grant in Aid program with immediate effect.
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How To Apply For SASSA Grant In Aid

Personally Visit Their Nearby Office

One way to apply for the SASSA GIA is to personally visit their nearest branch office. You will just have to inform the SASSA officer about your intention to apply, and they will literally guide you through each and every step. They will assist you in filling out your forms and attaching all the required documents with the forms from beginning to end.

Apply Online Via Their Official Website

Another way to apply for the GIA SASSA program is through their official website. You will simply need an active internet connection and a device to access their website, and within Edmonds, you can apply for the GIA SASSA program from the comfort of your home.

However, all things aside, you will have to be very vigilant with your documents and their attestations because any missing document from your application might simply lead to the rejection of your application. In case you are too ill to get all your documents in order, you could also ask a relative or a friend to do it on your behalf.


Can I apply for the Grant in Aid SASSA program if I am not a South African Citizen?

SASSA only provides grants to South African residents. Hence, it means that nonresidents can not only apply for the Grant in Aid program of SASSA. You will be deemed ineligible by the organization, and hence, you will not receive any funds from this organization at all.

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How long does SASSA take to process your applications?

SASSA only takes a few days to process your application. Their processing speed is very quick, and hence, within a few days, your application status will change from pending to either accepted or rejected.

Can you work while receiving an aid grant?

Yes, you may still work while receiving Grant in Aid funds; however, you will have to adhere strictly to the income threshold. If your income crosses the threshold of the minimum income limit set by SASSA, then you would be deemed ineligible.

The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that the Grant in Aid program of SASSA is indeed one of the best initiatives that the organization has taken to further help its desperate beneficiaries. I agree that the eligibility criteria of this program are a little more stringent than the other grants specifically since you will have to fulfill the eligibility requirements of two grants at the same time to further receive this grant.

The application process is also very simple, and you can do it all by yourself without needing anybody’s help. However, if you do not have the slightest clue of what and how to apply, then you could personally visit their branch office and have one of their officials assist you through this application process. In case you are physically unable to pay them a visit, you could also send someone else on your behalf.

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